House of Straw

Gallerist Annie Wilson shares the magic of her and partner Sean’s Pūkorokoro Miranda home in her own words.

Creative Freedom

Over 20 years and multiple small projects, Pete Bossley and Miriam van Wezel have turned a prosaic bungalow into something very special.

Master Suite

Above his new gallery in Auckland, David Alsop has created a home, surrounding himself with meaningful pieces.

Pause and Retreat

Gerald Parsonson designs an expansive family home at Lake Hawea for art-addicted collectors

In the Trees

Between 1973 and 1985, Ron Sang built a glamorous house for art. Forty years on, it has a whole new lease of life.

Collected Intimacies

With clear moves and fine details, Salmond Reed Architects stitch together multiple eras in a ‘bungled’ Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland villa.

Shifting Sands

A years-long photographic series tracks the at-times inelegant transition from rolling pastures to burgeoning beach community.

Slopes & Dreams

A new book and exhibition celebrate architect Rewi Thompson.

Floral History

A signature piece honours 100 years of women’s right to vote.

Hidden Figures

Celebrated for decades across the ditch, artist Brent Harris retraces his steps from 1970s Palmerston North to his first major survey show in Aotearoa.

No Place Like Home

A show at Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tamaki explores changing ideas of the meaning of home, and how we relate to it.

Within You, Without You

Artist Kathy Barry conducts new energy into the world through her graphically dazzling works of watercolour.

Fun Loving

Claudia Kogachi brings her exciting blend of playful and personal paintings and textiles to Aotearoa Art Fair.

Loom with a View

Subverting traditional domestic crafts, Kathryn Tsui weaves political commentary into her artworks.

Throw Back

Potter Peter Lange farewells the shed that has sheltered his craft for 40 years.

Inner Life

With her portraits of rooms, Jane Ussher reveals the character of personal spaces.

Super Normal

A key member of the Here team has hidden talents.

Art of Forbearance

Artist Brett Graham has gained a loyal following with his monumental musings on the past.

Lett it Be

Tāmaki Makaurau’s Michael Lett gallery expands into a former church hall next door.

Hurry Slowly

Artist Zac Langdon-Pole holds infinity in the palm of his hand.

Sugar Rush

Live the sweet life with playful artworks and candy-coloured accoutrements.

Natural Order: Ruth Castle

Ruth Castle’s hand-woven pieces are as relevant now as they were 50 years ago.

Fired Up

Gerard Dombroski builds a kiln shed from found materials for artist Jaime Jenkins.

Telly Vision

Indigenous and pop sensibilites collide in artist Telly Tuita’s lively and inventive tableaux vivant.

Set in Stone

Patterson Associates brings an unwaveringly philanthropic couple’s vision to life at Ōtautahi’s newest museum.

Art in the Time of Covid

A new art festival stages offsite – and online – shows around Aotearoa.

When McCaHon met Dibble and Hackshaw

A magnificent new book by Bridget Hackshaw – daughter of architect James Hackshaw – celebrates a unique collaboration.

Photography Backwards

Andew Beck makes photograms — cameraless photographs whose slick geometries bely their low-tech origins.

Hope and Joy

In the hands of illustrator Huriana Kopeke-Te Aho, complex political ideas become easily understood.

Concrete Mixer

A dingy basement studio is Isabella Loudon’s place of artistic freedom.

Paradise Found

An online gallery of limited-edition prints takes a circular approach.

Aced It

Mark Goody and Emily Siddell of Ace Firers have released a new range of limited-edition, wheel-thrown ceramics for Everyday Needs.

Dusk til Dawn

A new installation at Auckland’s port lights up the night.

Observations of a Rural Nurse

A compelling new book by Sara McIntyre captures a previously unseen side to the King Country.

On with the Show

An Auckland gallery makes a serendipitous discovery.

A Life in Drawings

Four decades of sketches by Pete Bossley are showing at Objectspace next month.

Public Facing

In Kirikiriroa Hamilton, gallerist Laree Payne represents artists from Waikato and further afield.

Something Big

A cheeky work in Tiffany & Co as part of the Auckland Art Fair has deeper implications.

Blunt Gestures

Kate Newby takes over the Adam Art Gallery with a series of monolithic interventions.

Plant Hunters

A florist, a photographer, a campervan and a controversial piece of botanical history.

Up in the Air

Flight Trainer for Albatross by Greer Twiss returns to the Waitematā Harbour.

Fix & Fit

Yona Lee works with the quotidian language of steel tube, elevating its expression.