What'll it be?

Pac Studio transcends planning strictures and a property bubble to create a sublime minor dwelling

Master Suite

Above his new gallery in Auckland, David Alsop has created a home, surrounding himself with meaningful pieces.

Light up the Room

With open spaces and striking colour, a young architect couple rehabilitate a cookie-cutter apartment that came with great bones.

How to Have Fun

Malcolm Walker reworks the house of Philip Clarke and Jane Wild around a beautifully eccentric collection of furniture and art.

Behind the Scenes

With complex geometry and optical illusions, Pac Studio adds a warm space to an Auckland villa that instantly feels like home.

Central Planning

A young architect couple plays with colour and volume to create a home for themselves, and one to rent

Around the Block

Evan Mayo finds unexpected inspiration in a decidedly suburban setting at Mount Maunganui.

Down the Hill

Sam Kebbell designs an unpretentious wooden house in Hataitai with neighbours and community in mind.

Colour Wheel

Ben Daly reworks his mother’s 1980s kitchen with bold colour, a streamlined layout – and a little time.

Life in Colour

Ann Shelton and Duncan Munro meticulously restore the original modernist colour scheme in their 1950s home.

Joy Division

With a little genius, Patchwork Architecture unlocks living in a tiny apartment.

Mobile Home

Exploring the possibilities of the humble caravan.

Hall Together Now

Katie Lockhart designs a colourful new eatery in a colourful part of uptown Auckland.


A private cricket pavilion at Point Wells

Domestic Chaos

Art, objects and botanicals celebrate the season.

Clean Living

A new range of bathroom accessories brings relief to those with chrome fatigue.

Mise En Place

Playing with memory and function in a kitchen inspired by Hong Kong.