Snack Attack

This recipe for a classic Indian snack is regularly requested of Subhadra Odedra of Sobhna’s.

Balancing Act

A simple plate of spaghetti by Rita head chef Johnny Price is elevated by the last-minute addition of herbs and fried shallots.

Wild Life

Asparagus with harissa crumb

I Spy Pie

The ubiquitous pie gets a classy make-over by sustainable fisher and fishing advocate Nate Smith.

Simple Pleasures

Gatherings chef and owner Alex Davies craves simplicity when sharing meals with family and friends.

Soul Full

An Ethiopian cook finds inspiration in her mother’s recipes, including this nourishing stew.

Hail Mary

A house staple at Tāmaki restaurant Hello Beasty adds a spicy twist to a classic cocktail.

King of Fish

A fish cake fit for royalty.