Earthly Delight

A decadent pasta dish to warm you this truffle season.

Earthly Delight

A decadent pasta dish to warm you this truffle season.

Every year, the winery restaurant Black Estate makes rather a celebration out of the Périgord and bianchetto truffles from its neighbours Kings Truffles and Limestone Hills. During the truffle season in June and July, you can enjoy truffle for a dish, book a full truffle menu or – our personal favourite – drop by for a toasted truffle and cheese sandwich outside by the brazier with a glass of pinot noir. If you can’t make it to Black Estate, and you can lay your hands on some truffles, then this will have to suffice. Herewith head chef Olly Le Maitre’s recipe for maximum winter truffle indulgence. 

Chestnut Pasta with Porcini Cream, Rainbow Chard and Périgord Truffle

Serves 4

1 brown onion, finely diced 

300g Swiss brown mushroom

Porcini cream (see recipe) 

1 bunch rainbow chard, sliced

Chestnut pappardelle or fettuccine (see recipe)

25g Périgord truffle

What to do

1. Sweat down onion and mushrooms in a pan till they start to caramelise. Add porcini cream and slowly start to reduce. Once cream starts to thicken, fold rainbow chard through.

2. Boil pasta for 2-3 minutes. Once cooked, add to pan and mix through sauce. 

3. Season, serve and finish with freshly grated and shaved truffle.

Chestnut Pasta

100g 00 flour

100g chestnut flour

Pinch salt 

2 eggs

What to do

1. Sieve flours and salt together into a large metal bowl. Make a well and add lightly beaten eggs. Combine.

2. Tip out onto bench and knead with a little additional flour for 10 minutes. Rest overnight.

3. Roll to 23cm x 5cm, then cut into pappardelle or fettuccine strips. 

Porcini Cream

2 Tbsp oil

2 shallots

Handful thyme

3 Tbsp porcini powder (or chopped fresh or dried ceps)

2½ cups cream

Sea salt

Black pepper 

What to do

1. Sweat shallot in oil without letting it colour, then add thyme and cook out a little.

2. Add porcini powder or chopped ceps and cook out for a few minutes. Add cream and bring up to a steep but do not boil. 

3. Season with salt and pepper. Cover and leave to cool to room temperature, then strain.



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