Come Home

Our safe havens are suddenly different – here's how

With complex geometry and optical illusions, Pac Studio adds a warm space to an Auckland villa that instantly feels like home.

Behind the Scenes

Cabinet Makers

In the days after lockdown, Cazador’s Rebecca Smidt and Dariush Lolaiy opened a delicatessen from a space that used to be their private dining room.

Socks and Pencils

Stylist and maker Jiho Yun takes her story online.

Shut the Front Door

Photographer Mark Smith documented a country in lockdown — including Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern — from a safe distance.

Big Corner Site Potential

A new book rediscovers a forgotten — and endangered — modernist classic by Len Hoogerbrug in suburban Hastings.

With bold moves and radical transparency, Jack McKinney deftly slips a new house into a heritage zone in central Auckland.

Hidden in Plain Sight

Depth Warmth Winter

A startling collection of winter things as the country emerges from lockdown.


A private cricket pavilion at Point Wells

A Life in Drawings

Four decades of sketches by Pete Bossley are showing at Objectspace next month.

Shelter in Place

Surprise! Spacecraft Architects create delight in a courtyard home on a compromised Wellington site.

A Favourite Thing: Henri Sayes

The PH 5 pendant by Poul Henningsen for Louis Poulsen

Against the Odds

Three independent retailers open beautiful stores at Commercial Bay in downtown Auckland.

On with the Show

An Auckland gallery makes a serendipitous discovery.

A young architect couple plays with colour and volume to create a home for themselves, and one to rent

Central Planning

Observations of a Rural Nurse

A compelling new book by Sara McIntyre captures a previously unseen side to the King Country.

Don't Just Sit There, Do Something

How to design an ergonomic chair that doesn’t look like one, by Kent Parker and Paul Wilkinson of Formway.

Simple Pleasures

Gatherings chef and owner Alex Davies craves simplicity when sharing meals with family and friends.

Pat de Pont of SGA Architects sensitively restores a classic bay villa.

Lean on Me

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