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The start of every year seems to lull us into a sense of much-needed optimism, but this year more than ever it seems we need new ideas and inspiration.

On the cover: a shingled jewel-box extension by Crosson Architects takes in 360-degree views without disturbing the original house.

Elsewhere: Spacecraft Architects design four houses for six friends on one site, with delightful shared spaces; William Samuels builds a modular home for only $150,000; Kerr Ritchie transform an earth-brick house with two minimalist tiled boxes; Nick Rowe adds a glamorous brick courtyard to a classic Kiwi state house... And Parsonson Architects design a colourful modern bach at Taupō.

But wait! There're more! We interview Claudia Kogachi; Robert Leonard profiles the energy-filled art of Kathy Barry; we visit the new dining room of the very wonderfiul Madame HGeorge on Karangahape Road in Tāmaki Makauarau; and Maz Hermon writes a fun-filled maths book for kids.

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