Touch Point

Bremworth invites you to make yourself at home in its immersive new showroom.

Touch Point

Bremworth invites you to make yourself at home in its immersive new showroom.

In a digital age, where you can find almost anything on a screen, the need for a physical store has changed from a place to transact, to a place to experience. Many brands have set out to build such stores; to articulate their brand in real spaces, and to connect face to face with their customers. Some of these feel too overtly “branded”, and some feel like something else. Few are as compelling as Bremworth’s new showroom.

It sits in a corner of Residium, a recently refurbished experience centre in Parnell, Tāmaki Makaurau. Designed and fitted out by Paul Izzard and his team at Izzard Design, it’s both compelling, and totally true to a carpet company that has captured New Zealanders’ hearts for decades. “The beautiful product speaks so well with the brand narrative that we didn’t feel the need to overbrand the space,” says Izzard. “The natural material – wool – is the real driver.”

The centre spans two spaces: one wide and open, the other intimate and tucked away. In the open space, there are walls of carpet, including a grand swathe of raw looped wool, and whole-carpet samples. It’s “an opportunity to experience the product first-hand on a large scale,” says Izzard, “to walk on it, touch it, take your shoes off as if you were at home.”

In the smaller space, there’s wooden cabinetry displaying samples and surfaces to touch and test. Both areas feature brass, timber and wool – natural materials. Again, says Izzard, “They offer the opportunity to dwell and experience the product as if at home.” Island-style leaners and beautiful seating provide a place to get comfortable. “It’s all to create a relaxed environment rather than trying to make a decision with a small sample.” This second space is more of a working area with collections of materials to build a palette for your interior and assist in your colour and textural choices. Touch screens allow you to build bespoke rugs and view libraries of reference material. It’s tactile – and experiential.”

“The immersive experience is so unique,” says showroom manager Shaneez Ahmed. “Visitors love the welcoming aspect the showroom offers and the ability to get hands-on and creative.” It’s also a place for the brand to introduce new and upcoming products, including a particularly beautiful cut-pile carpet known as Te Aroha, which is currently featured on the floor of the smaller space.

For customers, it’s both an opportunity to view Bremworth’s full range of samples, and to see large-placement carpet so they can get a feel for what it will look like in their own space. “We want customers to view carpet as an architectural surface,” says Ahmed, “and to start thinking of it as early in their design journey as possible.”

Bremworth at Residium

165 The Strand

Parnell, Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland


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