Take it Outside

An independent Wellington outdoors store was inspired by a love of alfresco coffee.

Take it Outside

An independent Wellington outdoors store was inspired by a love of alfresco coffee.

During the 2020 lockdown, Siobhan Oldale and Tom Cappleman, like many of us, began to feel the walls closing in. Yearning for an adventure fix, they looked for small ways to enjoy nature by shifting some of their daily rituals outside. They realised that fresh air added an element of excitement to even the simplest task — like making coffee — and wanted to encourage others to give it a go. When they founded Coffee Outdoors, the couple stocked the space with all the tools needed to “live an outdoors lifestyle every day”.

Tell us a bit about the place.

The building used to be a printing press; the old service lift used to transfer the newspapers between floors remains in the middle of the store. We worked with Abe Hollingsworth and the brilliant team at Hedge Furniture on the layout, design and fitout. We wanted to create a fun space that feels approachable, yet represents the care and attention to detail we look to offer our customers. We hope people feel comfortable to hang around and enjoy a Coffee Supreme filter while browsing our outdoor range.

What do you stock?

We offer a thoughtfully curated selection of outdoor equipment that balances functionality, impact, value, and style. It’s a mixture of high-quality equipment available in New Zealand and brands we use and love from overseas.

Why should we try making coffee outdoors?

Coffee outdoors is hard to beat; it’s a ritual that can happen on the beach, at the nicest spot on your commute or outside a mountain hut. Everyone should take a moment for themselves outdoors every day.

What other daily rituals should we try outdoors?

Sleeping! We think success should be measured annually based on the number of nights you spend in your tent. A modern tent can open up a world of adventure in New Zealand. Recharge your batteries and your circadian rhythm by sleeping under the stars!

Coffee Outdoors

8 Marion Street, Te Aro, Te Whanganui-a-Tara Wellington




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