Soil & Seed

A mail-order organic seed supplier is a home-grown business with food security at the forefront.

Soil & Seed

A mail-order organic seed supplier is a home-grown business with food security at the forefront.

Briar Ducor-Jones runs Little Sun Seeds on Waiheke Island, where she sends out organic seeds by mail order. “Growing organically from seed to harvest reconnects us to daily and seasonal rhythms,” she says, “as well as enhancing our own food security.”

Tell us what you do and why you do it.

Little Sun Seeds is an organic seed collection for the home gardener in Aotearoa. I select seeds that can be grown well, and provide simple information about how to do this best and in line with the maramataka. Selecting and packing is done by hand, so each pack is energetically vibrant.

Why are seeds important?

Food sovereignty and care for the earth has always been important to me, but even more so living through a pandemic. Growing from seeds reminds us about the complete cycle of food. When you grow from seed, you’re aware of the soil and nature’s elements; the next step is saving seeds, so the cycle is complete. 

Why don’t we use them like we used to?

It hasn’t been necessary, or possible. But connecting with the rhythms of the moon cycle and seasons is not only a life-and-food-giving process, it also enhances our food security. Many people would love to have a productive garden, but don’t quite know what to plant, or when. We help educate growers of all levels to grow and eat seasonally, so that we can all have a healthier and more self-sufficient future. 

How do you source yours?

I source organic seeds, knowing that the process to harvest them has not put toxins in our soil and water systems. I also go for what I know grows well in our local conditions. It’s not always easy finding organic seeds and sometimes I’m forced to look to overseas growers – though there are some incredible seed savers here. 

What’s in your garden right now? 

At the moment I have the first of the tomatoes in, as well as their companions marigolds and basil, plus I’m starting off the lettuces, spinach, zucchini, cucumbers and beans, which I will keep planting through to December for a good continuous supply.

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