Raw Luxury

New designs from Tim Webber mark a subtle change in direction.

Raw Luxury

New designs from Tim Webber mark a subtle change in direction.

Tell us a bit about the new range.

Tim Webber: The pieces draw inspiration from architecture and sculpture, so there’s a sense of artistic functionality. You’ve got timber for warmth and softness, but it’s contrasted with galvanised steel. Our new Index sideboard and entertainment units, for example, are crafted from walnut, oak or maple, but paired with a solid galvanised-steel base. The new lighting range features a lot of glass, which has been fantastic to experiment with in our collaborations with local glass artist Luke Jacombs. 

Where did the approach come from?

You see it a lot in architecture and fitouts, where there are beautiful raw materials, but still with a luxurious feel. It’s high-end, but really warm and tactile. I really wanted to explore that tension in furniture.

What does the range include?

We’ll be releasing a new product or two every two weeks until the end of the year, including tables, sideboards, benches, lounge chairs and new lighting. 

Why is it important to make your furniture in New Zealand?

Working with local manufacturers is one of the greatest joys I get from designing furniture. We have such a brilliant range of craftspeople – it’s beautiful to see that one small product can go through as many as seven different manufacturers. That’s seven different companies, and individuals and families benefiting from a piece made in New Zealand.


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