Piece Keeper

Designer Imogen Zino’s online collective treasures uniqueness and the handmade.

Piece Keeper

Designer Imogen Zino’s online collective treasures uniqueness and the handmade.

Tell us what you do and why you do it.

I curate a small online gallery called Cosa Senti that represents independent designers and makers who are creating wonderful things.

When did you start Cosa Senti and what were you trying to do?

For years I had wanted to create a platform that could host works from designers, makers and artists. It was really important to me to do this in a supportive and financially sustainable way, allowing people to practise their craft and focus on the making. 

You’re a maker and designer yourself but you also represent others.

Being a designer means I can often relate to other creatives who are having similar experiences. There is a certain vulnerability that comes when you invest so much time, thought and energy into something and then want to share it with people. I have a particular penchant for new and unique practices that embrace slow making and the handmade. As a deeply sentimental person, I really appreciate the time, thoughts and the imprint of a maker’s hands on an object. 

How do you choose makers and pieces?

I consider the who and why as much as I consider the what. I value designers who make meaningful objects, are dedicated to their craft and want to create things anew, not just replicate what they’ve seen. I am always drawn to texture and things that can be a little odd but beautiful in their deliberate irregularity.

Tell us about a favourite collection.

I am really excited for our Spring/Summer 22 Collection as more people join the collective. This season we have works from an incredible architect and ceramicist Hannah Wolter and some spectacular stained-glass flowers from the very talented industrial designer Carina Webb. I have just returned from a European scouting mission to find new makers – particularly in Italy and Germany – and will have more exciting pieces to add to the gallery soon.

What else are you working on? 

Growing the gallery and searching for the right place to create a physical space is going to be my focus for the next year. Back home I am enjoying working as a florist at Forage Flowers and hope to add flower subscriptions delivered by cargo bike to the Cosa Senti website this summer.

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