Laidback Lounge

Laidback Lounge

There’s a shift taking place in furniture design the world over: after 18 months spent mostly indoors, or at least on your own property, consumers want their lounge furniture to provide more than it ever has done. Just take a look at the growth in Netflix’s subscribers – cocooning in comfort (and a little escapism) is what we have come to desire. 

That revolution has had an impact on design, and you can see that in the latest sofa from BoConcept. The Bergamo is designed by leading Danish designer Morten Georgsen along what the company describes as “Italian” lines.  

It’s long and low, with minimalist details. Sensuous curves, rounded arms and freestanding back cushions lend a clean, luxurious look. It’s also – and this is the clincher – exceptionally soft, with seating made from a foam core for maximum comfort. We know where we’d like to be this weekend. 



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