Capsule Collection

David Moreland’s furniture is now available at Città.

Capsule Collection

David Moreland’s furniture is now available at Città.

After six years dividing his time between his role as Città’s head of furniture and his own design studio, David Moreland has now licensed his entire collection to Città. “It’s great to have all of my design work under one roof,” he says.

Congrats. Why now?

The way I ran my business was beautiful, but in a quaint way. I had great relationships with suppliers – but I always had trouble with scale. So it’s really nice to see the products go into full production.

How are the David Moreland designs different?

It’s funny, I can’t see it, but maybe the Città range is a bit more considered. Whereas the David Moreland line is a bit more playful because I just get to make whatever I want. 

A bit of a testing ground then?

Yeah. One of my first products was the Knight Light. It was spun aluminium, it was powder coated and it had electrical cabling – and it all had to get packaged up into a box. There were seven different suppliers and it was a tonne of work to get them made – from that I learned to develop products that could come from one or two suppliers. I refined the process to make it feasible, which was a good thing at the time.

Was it hard to scale up?

Not really – that’s what we do. We’ve worked really hard on our supply chain at Città, and there’s a lot of trust in those relationships. Whenever you move production or suppliers there are teething issues – but many of the designs have actually been subtly improved.

Will you add to the existing David Moreland range?

I think so, there are a few ideas that we now have the opportunity to develop further. Along with a couple of products that have gone into full production for the first time there might be extensions of ranges down the track that previously weren’t on the table, which is exciting.

David Moreland Design at Città


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