A Good Eye

Isle of Eden unveils a new retail space with a focus on style and sustainability.

A Good Eye

Isle of Eden unveils a new retail space with a focus on style and sustainability.

What’s wrong with most sunglasses and how are yours different?

The eyewear industry is dominated by overpricing, and cost-led design and manufacturing decisions. We saw this as an opportunity to better cater to the Australasian market by creating bold and colourful, high-quality eyewear made to withstand our harsh sun, and to provide it at a fair price. It was also important to us to help preserve the environment, and make our products in a better way. We started with sustainable materials, then added a repair and upcycle initiative, and we now help preserve New Zealand’s coastlines with every pair sold. 

You’re available in lots of stores around Aotearoa, why did you want your own?

Having a store is a great way for people to experience our full range and for us to promote sustainability; we can have our refurbished models on display, as well as offering drop-offs and pick-ups for repairs. And we can showcase the recycling process for soft-plastics and acetates. It also allows us to chat with our customers directly.   

Why Eden Terrace?

We saw the store’s potential and thought the old building was really cool. It’s been an office, physio and a florist – but it hadn’t been occupied for several years. We were on a pretty tight budget, so we did all the work ourselves. We had to clean about five years of dust and grime out of the space, then rip out all the old office wires, paint it, and sand and stain the floors. Then we made the pine lightbox units. 

How did you want it to feel?

We didn’t want the standard shelves and wire racks that most eyewear stores have. All our branding is simple, so it made sense to have a minimalist space. We definitely wanted it to feel gallery-like without being sterile, so the designs themselves, as well as the sustainability ethos, were the focus.

Isle of Eden

46 New North Road, Eden Terrace, Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland



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