Dine With Me

Our friends at Noho bring out a table to go with their very excellent chairs.

Dine With Me

Our friends at Noho bring out a table to go with their very excellent chairs.

In 2020, when New Zealand design brand Noho released its first chair, the Noho Move, it was after months of exhaustive research into the way we sit at home – and in particular, around the table.


Noho is the sister brand to Formway, a design studio that has made countless ergonomic chairs for international brands around the world: its research revealed the various ways in which we use the humble table – from eating to socialising, homework to working from home. Most revealingly, it showed that even in a highly digital age, the humble table still holds a central place in our homes.


Four years on, and following the highly celebrated release of Lightly, a stackable lightweight chair which won multiple design awards last year, Noho has released Dine, its own table around which we might build up a lifetime of memories.


It’s elegantly neutral: it comes in four combinations featuring either an Ash or laminate top with nicely rounded corners, and a white or black base. “The dining space is such a rich, charismatic space,” says Formway’s lead designer Fabian Haarbeck, “so the product needed to enhance the moments shared with family and friends.”


Noho’s designs are informed by a twin desire to honour both the user and the environment: its products are informed by hours of research and prototyping, followed by user research. But they also feature innovative use of low-carbon and often recycled materials. Noho Move is made from post-consumer plastic and recycled fishing nets; Lightly uses a carbon-sequestering bio-plastic.


Dine, meanwhile, is made in New Zealand using 82 percent renewable energy, and constructed from FSC-certified timber and a recycled aluminium frame. Though its big move is in its flat-packing, which massively reduces the amount of carbon required to get it to market. It goes very nicely with Noho chairs – or with your own. “We set out to design a timeless piece of furniture,” says Haarbeck, “using quality craftsmanship paired with modern industrial processes.”


Dine by Noho


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