Be Our Guest: Charlotte Ryan

The people's favourite creates an architecture-inspired playlist.

Be Our Guest: Charlotte Ryan

The people's favourite creates an architecture-inspired playlist.

Broadcaster and all-round people’s favourite Charlotte Ryan has made a playlist to accompany each house this issue. Just click on the link at the start of each feature to be connected to the playlists. Put on the music, settle in and have a read! 

Tell us what you do and why you do it.

I’m the host of Radio New Zealand National’s flagship music show, Music 101, each Saturday afternoon and have the pleasure of being able to have my fingers in lots of other music-related pies too. I’ve managed bands, run my own publicity company, and worked for music festivals as well as international and local touring artists. 

How did you approach your work for Here this issue? 

I like things on paper so I printed off the features and sat down with them. I just really took in the houses, then started to think about the music that they inspired, or what I might listen to if I was in them. I like to think it’s adding another layer to the reader’s experience of the magazine. Such a fun project! 

What makes a good playlist?

I love a playlist that flows from track to track; it builds a mood or sets a scene. Good playlists should include a few classic, familiar songs for listeners, but playlists are also a great way to introduce people to new music.

Are there connections between music and architecture?

There is such a connection with music and any art form. Specifically architecture: music can amplify or accentuate shapes, design and landscape. For me, putting on a playlist or a record at home is like buying a fresh bunch of flowers – it makes the space feel alive, more warm.

What did you think of our houses this issue? Pick a favourite (go on)!

Oh, I loved all of them, but the modern beach house on Waiheke, with plenty of room for visitors and long lunches,  would be very indulgent and fun.


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