A Perfect Fit

Natasha Markham’s streamlined wardrobe design conceals a generous new ensuite.

A Perfect Fit

Natasha Markham’s streamlined wardrobe design conceals a generous new ensuite.

Architect Natasha Markham dispensed with a walk-in wardrobe in her design for a couple with teenage kids – instead choosing an efficient wall of storage with a generous ensuite behind. “Walk-in robes can appear generous,” she says, “but sometimes they’re not that efficient if there are a lot of corners.”

What was the brief here? 

The single bathroom had served the family well, but it was time to create an additional bathroom that was a bit more grown-up.

How did you make it feel generous?

We annexed a small single bedroom next door. By confining the wardrobe to a storage wall, we were able to maintain generosity where it counts – in the ensuite. Light helps enormously, and we retained a large sash window.

How did you make space for storage? 

We discussed wardrobing requirements with our clients and tailored the interior to their needs. We kept tall hanging to a minimum and took advantage of the high ceilings to accommodate additional shelving above for seasonal items. The ensuite has generous Blum drawers in the vanity, and there’s more storage in the mirrored cabinet.

How did you want it to feel? 

We wanted it to be restful, so we kept the detailing streamlined and simple. Designing the wardrobe and ensuite entry as a single panelled wall reduces the visual clutter in the room. The ensuite was envisaged as a calm space, but with just a little bit of luxury. The palette is tonal and textural, with surfaces that feel good to the touch. Plastered walls and a herringbone-tile floor provide a foil for the limestone used on the vanity and in the shower. The cabinetry is in a natural oak, which references other cabinetry already in the home.

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